7 Discovery New Planet like to be Twin of Earth

The vast universe and could not find an end. There are millions of star floating in a sky. Although each star in the world is far too small to see only the glitter but with the advances in science that have been developed to make them humans can see the stars through a telescope. We have discovered a star that many both inside and outside the solar system , This is the beginning of the study the stars outside our solar system that look like world most. Low technology not powerful enough to do astronomers conclude that Earth-like planets could be Earth’s twin planet 2 or not.

Last news, the second world will find it easier when Abel mendes astronomers from planet to support life science research at the University of Puerto Rico, United States. Revealing that Now, with new technology to observe stars that are more efficient. Used with NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and The Observatory telescope in Chile. This technology allows astronomers to see more clearly the star. As a result, astronomers will be able to learn about the appearance of Earth-like planets that have been discovered earlier and more thoroughly. It is expected that by the year 2013, astronomers have discovered a planet twin of our earth.

During the past several decades. Trying to find planets outside our solar system, astronomers have discovered over 800 planets orbiting a planet in the star system itself. The astronomers found that only have a few planets. Orbiting its star at a distance that is not too close, not too far. The temperature of the star is not too cold or hot, it’s the distance”The conducive to life”.
In addition, it has been found that primary. In the vast universe, Earth is the only planet that has the look and environment that we see.
But there are many other stars, planets similar to the Earth as well. Today we have the story of the seven planets outside solar system sun.
Provide astronomers were among the most Earthlike planet come together. This is probably one of the stars to be confirmed in this year as the Twins of earth .

1. Kepler-22b, a planet receives special attention from astronomers. And said that there is most likely to be the second Earth, simply. Earth-like planet is blue and covered with clouds. Far away from Earth and 600 light years away orbiting the Sun in our solar system cooler than the 290 days it takes to orbit the star. (Faster than earth  75 days only) with a surface temperature of around 22 degrees Celsius, which is very comfortable for all life on Earth.

2. Gliese 370b and HD 85512 b is about 3.6 times larger than the Earth is farthest from the Earth to orbit around a star 36 light years away called HD 85512 takes 54 days to rotate on its axis. Cloud cover and the atmosphere is very similar to our world. The surface temperature of a planet is located at 25 degrees Celsius, or even the weather, as well as the south of France.

3. Gliese 581g is about 20 light-years away from Earth, orbiting the star Gliese 581 in the atmospheric temperature is between -31 to -12 degrees Celsius and by its very slow rotation. Its surface temperature is about 70 degrees Celsius difference for the side facing the star and about -4 ? C for the side facing away from the star. Temperature, which is close to the temperature on the Earth.

4. Gliese 581d from Earth, approximately 20 light years is larger than Earth, about three times more massive than about 6 times, orbiting the star Gliese 581, as well as Gliese 581g, but to be a sign that the creature lived but could not live. Because of the low temperatures. Too cold. There’s a large amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can not breathe well.

5. Gliese 667Cc an Earth-like planets that are about 4-5 times larger than Earth. From Earth than 22.1 million light-years away orbiting the star Gliese 667C is not far or not to close. That the planet is a planet that is conducive to the life. And water can exist in liquid state, it is hotter than the surface of the world. And has attracted more than two times of the world. If man is a star will be two-fold increase in weight.

6. Gliese 163c is at least seven times larger than Earth. Approximately 49 light-years away. Orbiting the star Gliese 163, a red dwarf star. (Small star) The one orbit takes just 26 days. With it’s relatively close to the star. It has been the star of the sun than the Earth is from the Sun to 40 percent. That the surface temperature is approximately 60 degrees Celsius, which may be too hot for humans. But there are other life forms may exist.

7. HD 40307g away from Earth at a distance of 42 light years. About 7 times larger than Earth. Orbital distance from its star fit. The surface is cold and not too hot. Orbit around its star takes 198 days. This means that 1 year was 198 days on the planet. The astronomers believe the planet HD 40307g rotation as well as the world. That makes a night and day on this planet like Earth.

However, even if all the planets will be classified as a planet with Earth-like conditions. We can not conclude with certainty that On the surface, it is ensured, the second of the world or not. For information about all the stars that astronomers study are only superficial.
Because these planets are very far from Earth. However is interesting, at least it allows us to see that Planet Earth looks like.

We are not alone in the universe.

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