A comet impact and the extinction of the dinosaurs occurred at the same time.

The extinction of the dinosaurs remains a mystery of a human till now. Many people believe that because the volcano, meteorite, comet, climate changes, But no one knows the correct answer. But today BGC University of California, Berkeley and the University of the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Discover the precise time as you have found one of the world when dinosaurs went extinct 66 million years ago, as well as other adverse events that follow in their pitches.

The researchers say that the time is very close to, and they believe that A comet or meteorite. That is why the dinosaurs went extinct. But probably will not use all of it seems to be the main cause. “The impact of the world have reached a turning point,” Paul Renn professor at Berkeley and director of the BGC said, “We have demonstrated that Events corresponding to a precise type. And the phenomenon of comets, was a major cause of the extinctions. However, it may not all results of the Comet “. The accuracy of this statement is to answer questions about that comet impact occurred before or after the extinction of the species.

 The latest figure is believed today that 66,038,000 years ago, which is within the error limits of the fitted extinction Dr. Renn believe. Two events occur simultaneously. This research has been published in the Science journal already.

Dr. Renn’s job is to make sure that no extinctions occurred when exactly. The research was started 3 years ago when he noted that Extinctions at the time believed it conflicted with the extinction estimated by other means, including the day of the collision of a meteorite. And I suspect that the extinctions are not consistent, or in other words, that is the extent of the error about the comet crashed into the Earth, may be.

Research Dr. Renn and his colleagues began by measuring the profile and improve the way the date is currently known. Techniques Argon – Argon. Researchers collected volcanic ash from Hell Creeek area in Montana, and evaluated by Argon – Argon,  assessment that the probability the day of extinction . A fossil of a dinosaur from a study that came before and after the extinction of the fossil that has changed or not.

The researchers also collected and analyzed tektites from Haiti by the same method used to assess whether The crash occurred on the meteorite long ago. Until the date of the extinctions and that a comet impact. Occurred 11,000 years apart, which is in the same block. Although we find that A comet impact and the extinctions occurred at almost the same. Dr. Renn’s warning a comet impact might not be the cause of the extinctions. Since that time the weather had changed for millions of years.

“This phenomenon suggests that The world’s ecosystems are very sensitive to minor changes.
Therefore, small changes could change into a new era “.

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