Pioneer and Voyager spacecraft’s purposeful journey in space.

Second project of NASA spacecraft that was released to the world since more than 40 years ago.
 The spacecraft Pioneer 10 had lost contact for nearly 10 years ago (Last Contact time is 2003), which believes that if the vehicle has not been the object of deep space, the spacecraft Pioneer 10 continues to travel outside our solar system and so with such conviction and courage. The Voyager spacecraft signal is extremely faint.  The Pioneer and Voyager is a project of NASA spacecraft designed to travel outside the solar system in a direction opposite to the spacecraft Pioneer 10 is traveling in the opposite direction of motion of the sun in the Milky Way galaxy.

Escape velocity is the speed to take the object to be far away from the influence of the gravity of the fit. If you want to send a spacecraft out of Earth’s gravitational field. The spacecraft is moving faster than the speed of withdrawal. Escape velocity is about 11.2 km / s or 40,320 km / h.

The space probe Voyager Program is a non-person force, created by the jet propulsion laboratory and received funding from NASA. Composed of two space probes Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 were launched in the year 1977 serves to store valuable information about the solar system planets by use the location of the planet at the late 70s. Although at first it was designed to explore the Jupiter and Saturn. Both vehicles, but also its mission in space to the outer Solar System. Today, both vehicles are on the road heading out of the solar system.
 The travel path of the spacecraft, Voyager project was to visit the outer planets. And the speed is high enough to leave the solar system. Continue reading

James Cameron Director and Explorering the Deepest of the world

James Cameron, the world famous film director was stunned by what the world record deep dive into the world alone, and to collect samples 3-D movie.
More than seven years in preparation for the execution of this exciting morning of March 25, national geographic and Cameron’s exploring team has the equipment to the two aircraft on the morning of 25 Mar 2012 the Mariana Trench and returned safely to the surface at 7:00 AM on 26 Mar 2012 Cameron Challenger Deep dive to depths of 10,898 feet of water over the deep end of the world.
Spend a few hours, Cameron became the first man to dive into the abyss of the Pacific Ocean alone, he spent many hours collecting samples at the bottom of the ocean for scientific exploration with images and animations.

Behind the success, Cameron’s team tested the Submarine several times. Until a few days before embarking on a real dive Submarine torpedo looks like a vertical unmanned try dive straight down to 11 kilometre of the Challenger and back without damage. One week before starting the dive was a retired U.S. Navy Don valve who travel to the Challenger informed via email that the team are ready to go just waiting for favorable weather. Continue reading

Deep-sea, secrets still waiting to find.

The world have five of the ocean, but there is little we can explore the underwater world in the deep to get to know so much more interesting. Meanwhile, the rift’s tectonic plates under the sea is also a need to consider factors related to natural disasters and harder every day. The survey turned its attention to the mysteries of the deep ocean. The scientific tools that allow people the opportunity to study the deep sea is very deep. Effort into areas that are the deepest in the world had happened.
The BBC reported the situation to explore the ocean. The goal of the Mariana Trench, a rift that stretches over 2,500 kilometers of sea floor. And the deepest abyss of the deep, almost 11 kilometers

Why the sea.
Dr. Jim Gardner of US Centre for Coastal and Ocean Mapping: CCOM said the scientists. I keep an eye on the bottom of the sea and trenches. Geologists have spent more than five years exploring the details. Training Branch of the Northern Mariana Islands. Add to that equation and it was interesting, the survey found that more than 20 of the deep ravines that Maria is located under the oceans around the world, most in the Pacific Ocean. Trenches formed from the junction of two tectonic plates that have a clear edge. By subduction, which geologists think that these areas are related to major earthquakes. Continue reading

Tsunami debris and garbage 25 million be to Hawaii in 2 years

NOAA said that furniture and other debris motor homes. The total weight of over 25 million tons of the tsunami waves on 11 Mar blown into the sea to drift to the west coast of the United States in more than two years …

On 16 Feb that the tragic 9.0 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Honshu Island, Japan. As a result, the giant tsunami waves struck the blow from the east coast of the island. And enormous damage to almost 11 months now and the victims of the nuclear power plant Fukushima Daiichi Sankyo is a radioactive leak. Returned to near normal recovery, but the ruins of the tsunami, the sea is still floating in the sea so far. Continue reading

Classic problem Neil Armstrong man on the moon is it real?

Although NASA is successful in a man visited the moon more than 40 years ago, but many people do not believe that the “Apollo” of the U.S. mission at moon is true story. There are many theories proposed as NASA Hunt 10 theory and argument presented.

Theory 1: NASA spacecraft visiting the Moon during the late 1960s and early 1970s, but the astronauts of the United States. Never step on moon
 Inconsistent information: NASA send astronauts on the Apollo. To the moon. But such facts do not stop the conspiracy theories. That man has ever stepped on the moon It also proposed the theory that the image of the moon is a hoax staged the world.

Theory 2: NASA hoax because the U.S. flag. Pennants on the moon
 Inconsistent information: If you look around. We can see that the flag has been frozen. As a result of the extra wire into the fabric so that the flags straining. A similar piece of flag pennants as a result of the astronauts to the flag. For these reasons, the flag of the United States of pennants. Continue reading

The mysteries of ancient lake under the Antarctic ice sheet.

The world still has many secrets waiting to be discovered within. As well as being kept secret hidden in the lake Vostok. Ancient lakes are ice covered nearly four kilometers of the South Pole. Scientists believe that as air, water and creatures in the ancient world, 14 million years ago the lake and take water samples and for the research. The man known to the ancient world was much more. Continue reading

100-year anniversary of the beginning of polar exploration.

It is confusing for the North Pole and South Pole. With the belief that North Pole to the South Pole, the coldest temperatures are extremely hot temperatures. But the truth is not it. The negative pole is cold and has the same iceberg.
 And to the South Pole is much colder than the North Pole. South Pole is at the south end of the Geographic South Pole. As one of the two axis of rotation perpendicular to the surface. (The other one is Geographic North Pole).
 At latitude 90 degrees south on the mainland of Antarctica. The first man to reach the South Pole is a geographical name, the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen on December 14, 1911.

Dating back to 100 years ago, the Norwegian and British explorers compete to reach the “South Pole” is one of the first and the other behind to be near (When it comes to transportation in that era), but other people can not survive the cold has come back from the land. Even then they opened the door to exploring the world with a unique environment. Continue reading

Top 10 Science current event story of the year 2011

10th IBM’s Watson Wins the championship game show Jeopardy, Show  power to think and speak like humans.

• In February IBM’s Watson capitalized on its advanced natural language—processing, in formation retrieval, knowledge representation and reasoning, and machine- learning capabilities running on a massively parallel high- performance computer to soundly defeat two Jeopardy! champions – Ken Jennings & Brad Rutter. Continue reading

CERN Project Update HIGGS BOSON and LHC news.

Press Conference CERN: We see the shadow of the Higgs boson.
CERN scientific conference on December 13, 2011 that many people simply hold your breath waiting to see what the LHC will discover the Higgs boson mass by searching for a long time or not. According to official CERN may make disappoint to somebody who crazy rumors, still undiscovered Higgs boson at the LHC.
However, there is an exciting story.
ATLAS and CMS experiments, our results are consistent with that found traces of the excess (referred to jump up in the wrong chart) with a mass close to the expected mass of the Higgs boson.  That means that if the Higgs boson exists, it should be a signal of the Higgs boson.

Unfortunately, the collision of the particles collected at this time. There is insufficient evidence to confirm that the signal actually comes from the Higgs boson. Not just a statistical fluke. The confidence of the team, ATLAS and CMS is only about 2 sigma. (Incidentally, there is just less than 5%), in which particle physics is not enough, Confidence at least to confirm the discovery is 5 sigma. Continue reading

Charge 15 minute but can be use for a week new technology of mobile batteries.

U.S. researchers have developed a battery pre-charged to 10 times faster than conventional battery materials in Li-on battery charger that takes only 15 minutes, but the battery as long as a week treatment. Expected in the market within 5 years.
Batteries that long life, even a 15 minute charge is the work of scientists from Northwestern University, U.S..  BBC News reports that they have modify materials inside the battery battery li-on to optimize such a transformation is to compress a millions small hole of Battery.  The scientists expect the battery to use this innovative series will be available in stores within 5 years.

Batteries of mobile phones used by researchers from North Western, this will take only 15 minutes to compress the charge or charges and the charge for a week to take the time to recharge. The key is the density of such processes and the movement of lithium ions. Dr.Harold Kung and his research team from the University of North West Melbourne. Said they had found a way to compress and accelerate charged particles to move more quickly by selecting the materials used in the manufacture of battery series. The charges have been increased by the use of silicon as well as a small group instead of a plate to increase the number of lithium-ion battery battery will be stored. Continue reading

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