ISON Comet of century, bright even in day time.

ISON is the nickname of comet C/2012 S1, which is named Institute for Astronomy (International Scientific Optical Network) because there is no official name. But to be named expected to be “Nevski-Novichonok” By the discovery.

This comet may be the brightest comet in the last hundred years or it may be several hundred years old. Since the discovery of the distance from the sun, far from the September 21, 2012, which was discovered from the sky Photo taken on December 28, 2011 due to the distance from Jupiter to get almost to the orbit of Saturn. Comet is a very large , astronomers believe that comet is approaching the sun is bright on the magnitude described -10 to -16,
respectively. At least as bright as Comet Ikeya-Seki (C/1965 S1), which was the brightest comet in the last fifty years,
ISON comet it is possible to be bright as the full moon or may be more. Continue reading

URGENT! Recruit people who want to go to settlement on Mars.

“Mars One” non-profit organization located in the Netherlands. Recruit someone to settlers on Mars within the year 2023.
“Mars one” was published Apply. Which one of them is. Applicants must be determined. The purpose is clear. And have a good relationship with others. Including the ability to build trust with others. The candidate must also be flexible. Easily adaptable creative enthusiasm, full of initiative. And can solve the problem better. The key must be at least 18 years, the candidate selection process will begin in the first half of this year in the form of reality TV. Those chosen will be divided into 6 teams, each team will have at least 4 people , but only one team will be traveling to the Red Planet in September 2022. Continue reading

7 Discovery New Planet like to be Twin of Earth

The vast universe and could not find an end. There are millions of star floating in a sky. Although each star in the world is far too small to see only the glitter but with the advances in science that have been developed to make them humans can see the stars through a telescope. We have discovered a star that many both inside and outside the solar system , This is the beginning of the study the stars outside our solar system that look like world most. Low technology not powerful enough to do astronomers conclude that Earth-like planets could be Earth’s twin planet 2 or not.

Last news, the second world will find it easier when Abel mendes astronomers from planet to support life science research at the University of Puerto Rico, United States. Revealing that Now, with new technology to observe stars that are more efficient. Used with NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and The Observatory telescope in Chile. This technology allows astronomers to see more clearly the star. As a result, astronomers will be able to learn about the appearance of Earth-like planets that have been discovered earlier and more thoroughly. It is expected that by the year 2013, astronomers have discovered a planet twin of our earth. Continue reading

Pioneer and Voyager spacecraft’s purposeful journey in space.

Second project of NASA spacecraft that was released to the world since more than 40 years ago.
 The spacecraft Pioneer 10 had lost contact for nearly 10 years ago (Last Contact time is 2003), which believes that if the vehicle has not been the object of deep space, the spacecraft Pioneer 10 continues to travel outside our solar system and so with such conviction and courage. The Voyager spacecraft signal is extremely faint.  The Pioneer and Voyager is a project of NASA spacecraft designed to travel outside the solar system in a direction opposite to the spacecraft Pioneer 10 is traveling in the opposite direction of motion of the sun in the Milky Way galaxy.

Escape velocity is the speed to take the object to be far away from the influence of the gravity of the fit. If you want to send a spacecraft out of Earth’s gravitational field. The spacecraft is moving faster than the speed of withdrawal. Escape velocity is about 11.2 km / s or 40,320 km / h.

The space probe Voyager Program is a non-person force, created by the jet propulsion laboratory and received funding from NASA. Composed of two space probes Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 were launched in the year 1977 serves to store valuable information about the solar system planets by use the location of the planet at the late 70s. Although at first it was designed to explore the Jupiter and Saturn. Both vehicles, but also its mission in space to the outer Solar System. Today, both vehicles are on the road heading out of the solar system.
 The travel path of the spacecraft, Voyager project was to visit the outer planets. And the speed is high enough to leave the solar system. Continue reading

Classic problem Neil Armstrong man on the moon is it real?

Although NASA is successful in a man visited the moon more than 40 years ago, but many people do not believe that the “Apollo” of the U.S. mission at moon is true story. There are many theories proposed as NASA Hunt 10 theory and argument presented.

Theory 1: NASA spacecraft visiting the Moon during the late 1960s and early 1970s, but the astronauts of the United States. Never step on moon
 Inconsistent information: NASA send astronauts on the Apollo. To the moon. But such facts do not stop the conspiracy theories. That man has ever stepped on the moon It also proposed the theory that the image of the moon is a hoax staged the world.

Theory 2: NASA hoax because the U.S. flag. Pennants on the moon
 Inconsistent information: If you look around. We can see that the flag has been frozen. As a result of the extra wire into the fabric so that the flags straining. A similar piece of flag pennants as a result of the astronauts to the flag. For these reasons, the flag of the United States of pennants. Continue reading

China sending the first module supports the creation of their “space stations”

China prepares to send the first module supports the creation of their “space stations”.
This year was the first unmanned spacecraft. If all goes well I will continue to connect the two spacecraft, the astronauts were traveling with at least one person per trip in 2012.
China recently opened the country for 30 years, but he immediately stepped into the arena of competition space. The AFP has raised the case of China’s first astronaut in 2003 and plans to connect the module into space later this year in China. It is a success by the United States and Russia during the 1960s when it was made. Module Tiangong-1 long 10.4 meters thick, 3.35 m and weighs 8.5 tonnes will be used to test the activities of the space module is valid for 2 years in space, it will wait for the unmanned spacecraft, Shenzhou VIII. At the end of this year. This will be the first to connect China’s manned spacecraft in orbit. If this effort is successful, China will be connected to other spacecraft, Shenzhou IX and X 2 aircraft was in 2012, the aircraft will be manned spacecraft, each with at least one person.
Sending unmanned module named Tiangong-1, or “Castle Garden” is the first step of China to build space station by 2020, prepared by AFP from official statements of the Chinese Space Agency. The module will be sent along with the rocket ChangZheng. The Long March 2 F, or a rocket launching base in the Gobi desert in the north west of China. Continue reading

Rumors about comet Elenin.

Rumors about comet Elenin.
Elenin comets in our solar system came into being in the moment and will approach the Earth on October 16 the comet was a rumor on the internet for fans to believe. The closer it is associated with the one I destroy the world by wandering planet nibiru and NASA called it off this news.
Now NASA says the comet is a comet ice Elenin The One. It is a small video, which will not harm our planet. NASA scientists explained in a statement on August 16 and close to the world of Elenin. The nearest point in space is at a distance of about 35 million miles from Earth. A distance of more than 90 times the distance from Earth to the Moon.
Doubts of the disciples said to be aligned with the Comets Elenin other planets. Or other objects. To create a global catastrophe, it is not true with Don Yeomans of JPL scientists said the sequencing of the comet at about Lenin and other objects in futility. The comet will pass close to any other objects that may interfere with dark orbit, and it does not affect those of us who live on Earth.
NASA’s comet-looking statements about Elenin from a lot of questions to ask the public to send in a few months ago to investigate the truth of the story spread around the Internet about the appearance of a comet. Sometimes a comet, NASA officials said it could be both weird and ominous in the film and television, but almost no harm to the comet comet Elenin a recent visit to the solar system.
Elenin comet was discovered on December 10, 2010 by Leonid Elenin astronomers from Russia, which performs a search using a remote observatory in New Mexico. At the time of the comet about 647 million kilometers from Earth, it is quite dim and not likely to be impressed with the star since the comet C/2010 X1, which is the official name that was entered in the solar system. Has generated rumors that the comet’s link with Elenin ‘s theory of the end of 2012, and other catastrophic events. Continue reading

Know Neptune On the occasion of celebrating 165 years orbiting the sun.

In the year 2011 is the one that may not matter in the field of astronomy. It has a slightly interesting question is the planet Neptune, the eighth of the solar system. It will orbit the sun after the 1 round. Since its discovery in 1846 of multiple data sources to be completed 2 July, but some sources say that as of September. But no matter how it was in the year 2011, certainly.

Neptune is the planet that was discovered by the calculation of the astronomer. Before the discovery of the truth of the telescope again. The story that triggered the search for Neptune occurred after the discovery of Uranus by William Herschel was not long after Herschel discovered Uranus then. Astronomers have studied many historical astronomical records. This is believed to have been witness to what is already past Uranus. But they do not have to take it seriously. We lose the opportunity to be honored for the new planet to be discovered. These records are very useful to use as an analysis to predict the position of Uranus. Continue reading

Last flight of ATLANTIS end of space shuttle legend

NASA set to release “ATLANTIS” of 8 July. Ended 30 years of age by only four space shuttle astronauts to perform their duties. A limited number of people for emergency crews to be sent back by the ships of the Russian Soyuz space smaller. NASA set launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis on July 8, 2011 at 11:00 am at rocket base 39A of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, United States, and the crew jumped to sky forward to International Space Station. This is a final NASA space shuttle. For the crew to travel on the flight last week. The flight commander Chris Ferguson. Doug Hurley and expert on the pilot’s flight Sandra Magnus, and Rex Walheim.
Flight of Atlantis and will be Flight 135 in the space shuttle program of NASA that started 30 years ago with the mission for 12 days on the Space Shuttle to carry spare parts for the space station up. with The lab space, still continue to function even after the end of the space shuttle.
Continue reading

Confidentiality within the Milky Way.

Scientists have more evidence about the structure of the Milky Way galaxy’s spiral arms that twist and wrap one of the Milky Way. It may seem amazing, but every detail that our Milky Way galaxy have conditions such as when looking from a distance. Then it’s a matter of imagination than reality. That’s because we live in an inflatable disk of our galaxy.  Which, when combined with a large swollen at the center of the galaxy. To see what the other side opposite to the sun, it was impossible to do.

We have only half the picture. Of course, astronomers are trying for a dash to the actual shape of the turbine, said Robert Benjamin of the University of Wisconsin.  For many years, people created maps of all galaxies are based on only one area of ??study or use the same method. Sadly, when comparing different models of the various teams are not consistent. A few years ago, Benjamin and others used the Spitzer Space Telescope to the fact that our galaxy’s spiral arms have only two arms, not four as I thought.  Arms, called Scutum-Centaurus arm and the Perseus arm.  Which is connected to one end of the long axis at the center of the galaxy (the Sun is in the arms close to his second Super Series Vilnius. About half way from center to outer edge, called the Orion Spur).  But I have proof that the arms of the galaxy, yet elegant swirling toward the far side. When Thomas Dame of the Harvard Center for Astrophysics and the Smithsonian.  Described in the American Astronomical Society meeting. He and his colleagues at CfA Patrick Thaddeus have identified a distant spiral arm, one at the far outer disk. The distance from the center, about  50 thousand light-years. Continue reading

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