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ISON Comet of century, bright even in day time.

ISON is the nickname of comet C/2012 S1, which is named Institute for Astronomy (International Scientific Optical Network) because there is no official name. But to be named expected to be “Nevski-Novichonok” By the discovery.

This comet may be the brightest comet in the last hundred years or it may be several hundred years old. Since the discovery of the distance from the sun, far from the September 21, 2012, which was discovered from the sky Photo taken on December 28, 2011 due to the distance from Jupiter to get almost to the orbit of Saturn. Comet is a very large , astronomers believe that comet is approaching the sun is bright on the magnitude described -10 to -16,
respectively. At least as bright as Comet Ikeya-Seki (C/1965 S1), which was the brightest comet in the last fifty years,
ISON comet it is possible to be bright as the full moon or may be more. Continue reading

A comet impact and the extinction of the dinosaurs occurred at the same time.

The extinction of the dinosaurs remains a mystery of a human till now. Many people believe that because the volcano, meteorite, comet, climate changes, But no one knows the correct answer. But today BGC University of California, Berkeley and the University of the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Discover the precise time as you have found one of the world when dinosaurs went extinct 66 million years ago, as well as other adverse events that follow in their pitches. Continue reading

URGENT! Recruit people who want to go to settlement on Mars.

“Mars One” non-profit organization located in the Netherlands. Recruit someone to settlers on Mars within the year 2023.
“Mars one” was published Apply. Which one of them is. Applicants must be determined. The purpose is clear. And have a good relationship with others. Including the ability to build trust with others. The candidate must also be flexible. Easily adaptable creative enthusiasm, full of initiative. And can solve the problem better. The key must be at least 18 years, the candidate selection process will begin in the first half of this year in the form of reality TV. Those chosen will be divided into 6 teams, each team will have at least 4 people , but only one team will be traveling to the Red Planet in September 2022. Continue reading

7 Discovery New Planet like to be Twin of Earth

The vast universe and could not find an end. There are millions of star floating in a sky. Although each star in the world is far too small to see only the glitter but with the advances in science that have been developed to make them humans can see the stars through a telescope. We have discovered a star that many both inside and outside the solar system , This is the beginning of the study the stars outside our solar system that look like world most. Low technology not powerful enough to do astronomers conclude that Earth-like planets could be Earth’s twin planet 2 or not.

Last news, the second world will find it easier when Abel mendes astronomers from planet to support life science research at the University of Puerto Rico, United States. Revealing that Now, with new technology to observe stars that are more efficient. Used with NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and The Observatory telescope in Chile. This technology allows astronomers to see more clearly the star. As a result, astronomers will be able to learn about the appearance of Earth-like planets that have been discovered earlier and more thoroughly. It is expected that by the year 2013, astronomers have discovered a planet twin of our earth. Continue reading

Found wind above the Arctic was that change the warm ocean currents

The researchers found that the high winds in the atmosphere above the Arctic Circle to affect the flow of warm ocean currents if the temperature was little changes . This is the first study to demonstrate a link between the atmosphere and ocean. It is known that the process in the stratosphere level did height 10 kilometers above the earth’s surface affect the troposphere the atmosphere above the area of climate change and the atmosphere in which we live and the weather could affect ocean currents. However, the report of our amazing planet that technical report researchers from the University of Utah, the United States published the journal Nature Geo Science, was one of the first study that demonstrates the impact strongly the stratosphere  atmosphere and under the ocean.

Thomas Reichler primary researcher and author of the report from Utah said. He and his team have demonstrated a clear link between the stratosphere leveltroposphere  and the ocean. Based on observations and climate modeling supercomputer weather conditions for a period of 4,000 years to show that high winds from the Arctic, the impact velocity for water heater in the Atlantic Ocean (Gulf Stream). Continue reading

The mysteries of ancient lake under the Antarctic ice sheet.

The world still has many secrets waiting to be discovered within. As well as being kept secret hidden in the lake Vostok. Ancient lakes are ice covered nearly four kilometers of the South Pole. Scientists believe that as air, water and creatures in the ancient world, 14 million years ago the lake and take water samples and for the research. The man known to the ancient world was much more. Continue reading

CERN Project Update HIGGS BOSON and LHC news.

Press Conference CERN: We see the shadow of the Higgs boson.
CERN scientific conference on December 13, 2011 that many people simply hold your breath waiting to see what the LHC will discover the Higgs boson mass by searching for a long time or not. According to official CERN may make disappoint to somebody who crazy rumors, still undiscovered Higgs boson at the LHC.
However, there is an exciting story.
ATLAS and CMS experiments, our results are consistent with that found traces of the excess (referred to jump up in the wrong chart) with a mass close to the expected mass of the Higgs boson.  That means that if the Higgs boson exists, it should be a signal of the Higgs boson.

Unfortunately, the collision of the particles collected at this time. There is insufficient evidence to confirm that the signal actually comes from the Higgs boson. Not just a statistical fluke. The confidence of the team, ATLAS and CMS is only about 2 sigma. (Incidentally, there is just less than 5%), in which particle physics is not enough, Confidence at least to confirm the discovery is 5 sigma. Continue reading

Philippines Fish deaths puzzle, not the volcano alert.

 Official Philippine lean over eight hundred tons of fish died in a farm near Mt TA-AL is not alert to the volcano eruption. 
30 May 11 over eight hundred tons of fish that the owner of the Filipino culture farm close to Lake of the TA-AL volcano south of Manila, Philippines.   Have died down a lot. The official of the Philippines is believed to have caused the water temperature dropped suddenly. But not caused by the explosion of the volcano TA-AL.
From the initial examination. Officials estimated that the fish would die from climate change Then suddenly last week because the weather here to broil Then the rain. The oxygen level in the lake decreased. And events in this manner. Had occurred. When the summer last year. But the dead fish did not have a lot to go on. 
This current science event has happened to humans and cause deaths, many of Nyos Lake in Cameroon in 1986. That has more than 1700 people died. Lake Nyos is a large lake of approximately 206 square kilometers of territory. The water levels where the deepest depths of up to 208 meters from the lake is deeper than most general. This depth of water is dark blue almost black To be clear, but look nice to see almost anything. The night of August 21 people were killed almost 1,700 people with over 3,000 cattle a few people to sleep over 36 hours of waking up to find that family died out it was a suicide.

Continue reading

Iceland Volcano Grimsvotn, danger menace European

     Grimsvotn a volcano one of most power volcano of Iceland. Current science event is latest explosion took place on Saturday. Marks the first time since the explosion of 2004 was hot steaming and ash up into the sky far-off nearly 20 KM (12 miles). Severe impact on people living near the volcanoes. The ash from the volcano has blocked the sun and the diffusion of smoke covering homes and cars.
     Many flights have been canceled on Sunday of all major international airports of the country.  This eruption of the volcano Grimsvotn most severe since the 1873 explosion of violence over the Mt. Eyjafjallajokull last year. Explosive ash emissions, but the pipeline is to air at different altitudes. Scientists said the bomb was released from the ash is very simple and diffuser to last longer than a year ago.

This image, taken by Photographer Johann Ingi Jonsson, located 1 KM away from the volcano to take on the evening May 22, 2011. Continue reading

Japan wasted contamination water and Biomagnification process.

      In the news about nuclear crisis at Japan I heard about “Japan wasted contamination water into the sea and Biomagnification process”, Biomagnification is current science event today explained it is a simple process of accumulation of toxins will increase pound order. Step in the food chain to see a simple comparison. If the 10 students filed into the row. Each student has 1 disease, send candy to first student and with it in the mount for 10 second and send to next student until last student. Can you see that the last person will likely be most infectious. Continue reading

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