Found wind above the Arctic was that change the warm ocean currents

The researchers found that the high winds in the atmosphere above the Arctic Circle to affect the flow of warm ocean currents if the temperature was little changes . This is the first study to demonstrate a link between the atmosphere and ocean. It is known that the process in the stratosphere level did height 10 kilometers above the earth’s surface affect the troposphere the atmosphere above the area of climate change and the atmosphere in which we live and the weather could affect ocean currents. However, the report of our amazing planet that technical report researchers from the University of Utah, the United States published the journal Nature Geo Science, was one of the first study that demonstrates the impact strongly the stratosphere  atmosphere and under the ocean.

Thomas Reichler primary researcher and author of the report from Utah said. He and his team have demonstrated a clear link between the stratosphere leveltroposphere  and the ocean. Based on observations and climate modeling supercomputer weather conditions for a period of 4,000 years to show that high winds from the Arctic, the impact velocity for water heater in the Atlantic Ocean (Gulf Stream). Continue reading

Ocean warming CO2 emissions more quickly than expected.

       From current science event, Carbon dioxide (CO2) can be stored for heat. The CO2 in the atmosphere, which is naturally transmitted to keep the heat from the sun to remain in the world. Making the world a suitable temperature is not cold and no living thing can survive.
       Increasing quantities of carbon dioxide due to burning in various forms, such as fuel combustion, industrial, burning forests to residential areas and so do cattle. The forest is burning up carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere as quickly as possible. Because trees have the ability to freeze carbon dioxide before it rises into the atmosphere. Thus, when the forest is reduced to carbon dioxide rises to accumulate in the atmosphere and make it even more heat energy on the earth’s surface and atmosphere more Continue reading

Tornado, disaster of America

Tornado is a cyclone that has the power to destroy the most severe types of storms in the group of natural phenomena. This current science event causing by the flow of air under the cloud base Cumulonimbus or a thunder cloud. Which has a similar mountain and clouds reflecting bad weather conditions cause thunderstorms before the tornado. Cloud bases will be swaging down to look like turkey or a funnel cloud and moving in a band that feature a twist diameter of about 200-300 yards, the wind speed at the center of about 100-300 miles per hour. This storm will move in the same way above the clouds. With a speed of about 20-40 miles per hour. Continue reading

Effects of earthquakes in Japan to the world.

A major earthquake that occurred on Earth, it would be followed by changes in the world. magnitude 9.0 earthquake in Japan on March 11, it has resulted in many changes in the world, we like Shorter days of the world. Change the axis of rotation of the Earth. The change is very small and we do not feel But a significant change in the current science event social. Continue reading

Japan wasted contamination water and Biomagnification process.

      In the news about nuclear crisis at Japan I heard about “Japan wasted contamination water into the sea and Biomagnification process”, Biomagnification is current science event today explained it is a simple process of accumulation of toxins will increase pound order. Step in the food chain to see a simple comparison. If the 10 students filed into the row. Each student has 1 disease, send candy to first student and with it in the mount for 10 second and send to next student until last student. Can you see that the last person will likely be most infectious. Continue reading

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