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How is the carapace.

New research finds that the carapace, which is a complex structure that consists of 50 pieces of bone that have evolved long before the dinosaurs to rule the world.
In the latest edition of the journal Current Biology, The research said it shelled turtle and it is older than the Jurassic Park. The structure of the turtles that are designed to be durable and long-lasting this represents an adjustment for several million years ago.

Tyler Lyson of Yale University and the Smithsonian museums, said armature that began to change when more than 260 million years ago in the Permian era “like other complex structures. Carapace that evolved millions of years ago and gradually developed into the shape that it is today. ”

Carapace shield is the same as one solid piece. But because it was built with pieces of bone formation, it is combined with a way to connect to the ribs and the backbone of it.

“The reason is that most animals are not created through the expansion shell and connected to the ribs is probably because of ribs, reptiles and mammals, it is intended to aid ventilation of the lungs. If we include ribs with protective shell body and what it is we need to find new ways to breathe it. ”

He explains how turtles use the above method to create a turtle shell with the help of a one-line muscle itself. Continue reading

ISON Comet of century, bright even in day time.

ISON is the nickname of comet C/2012 S1, which is named Institute for Astronomy (International Scientific Optical Network) because there is no official name. But to be named expected to be “Nevski-Novichonok” By the discovery.

This comet may be the brightest comet in the last hundred years or it may be several hundred years old. Since the discovery of the distance from the sun, far from the September 21, 2012, which was discovered from the sky Photo taken on December 28, 2011 due to the distance from Jupiter to get almost to the orbit of Saturn. Comet is a very large , astronomers believe that comet is approaching the sun is bright on the magnitude described -10 to -16,
respectively. At least as bright as Comet Ikeya-Seki (C/1965 S1), which was the brightest comet in the last fifty years,
ISON comet it is possible to be bright as the full moon or may be more. Continue reading

A comet impact and the extinction of the dinosaurs occurred at the same time.

The extinction of the dinosaurs remains a mystery of a human till now. Many people believe that because the volcano, meteorite, comet, climate changes, But no one knows the correct answer. But today BGC University of California, Berkeley and the University of the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Discover the precise time as you have found one of the world when dinosaurs went extinct 66 million years ago, as well as other adverse events that follow in their pitches. Continue reading

7 Discovery New Planet like to be Twin of Earth

The vast universe and could not find an end. There are millions of star floating in a sky. Although each star in the world is far too small to see only the glitter but with the advances in science that have been developed to make them humans can see the stars through a telescope. We have discovered a star that many both inside and outside the solar system , This is the beginning of the study the stars outside our solar system that look like world most. Low technology not powerful enough to do astronomers conclude that Earth-like planets could be Earth’s twin planet 2 or not.

Last news, the second world will find it easier when Abel mendes astronomers from planet to support life science research at the University of Puerto Rico, United States. Revealing that Now, with new technology to observe stars that are more efficient. Used with NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and The Observatory telescope in Chile. This technology allows astronomers to see more clearly the star. As a result, astronomers will be able to learn about the appearance of Earth-like planets that have been discovered earlier and more thoroughly. It is expected that by the year 2013, astronomers have discovered a planet twin of our earth. Continue reading

James Cameron Director and Explorering the Deepest of the world

James Cameron, the world famous film director was stunned by what the world record deep dive into the world alone, and to collect samples 3-D movie.
More than seven years in preparation for the execution of this exciting morning of March 25, national geographic and Cameron’s exploring team has the equipment to the two aircraft on the morning of 25 Mar 2012 the Mariana Trench and returned safely to the surface at 7:00 AM on 26 Mar 2012 Cameron Challenger Deep dive to depths of 10,898 feet of water over the deep end of the world.
Spend a few hours, Cameron became the first man to dive into the abyss of the Pacific Ocean alone, he spent many hours collecting samples at the bottom of the ocean for scientific exploration with images and animations.

Behind the success, Cameron’s team tested the Submarine several times. Until a few days before embarking on a real dive Submarine torpedo looks like a vertical unmanned try dive straight down to 11 kilometre of the Challenger and back without damage. One week before starting the dive was a retired U.S. Navy Don valve who travel to the Challenger informed via email that the team are ready to go just waiting for favorable weather. Continue reading

Deep-sea, secrets still waiting to find.

The world¬†have five of the ocean, but there is little we can explore the underwater world in the deep to get to know so much more interesting. Meanwhile, the rift’s tectonic plates under the sea is also a need to consider factors related to natural disasters and harder every day. The survey turned its attention to the mysteries of the deep ocean. The scientific tools that allow people the opportunity to study the deep sea is very deep. Effort into areas that are the deepest in the world had happened.
The BBC reported the situation to explore the ocean. The goal of the Mariana Trench, a rift that stretches over 2,500 kilometers of sea floor. And the deepest abyss of the deep, almost 11 kilometers

Why the sea.
Dr. Jim Gardner of US Centre for Coastal and Ocean Mapping: CCOM said the scientists. I keep an eye on the bottom of the sea and trenches. Geologists have spent more than five years exploring the details. Training Branch of the Northern Mariana Islands. Add to that equation and it was interesting, the survey found that more than 20 of the deep ravines that Maria is located under the oceans around the world, most in the Pacific Ocean. Trenches formed from the junction of two tectonic plates that have a clear edge. By subduction, which geologists think that these areas are related to major earthquakes. Continue reading

Tsunami debris and garbage 25 million be to Hawaii in 2 years

NOAA said that furniture and other debris motor homes. The total weight of over 25 million tons of the tsunami waves on 11 Mar blown into the sea to drift to the west coast of the United States in more than two years …

On 16 Feb that the tragic 9.0 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Honshu Island, Japan. As a result, the giant tsunami waves struck the blow from the east coast of the island. And enormous damage to almost 11 months now and the victims of the nuclear power plant Fukushima Daiichi Sankyo is a radioactive leak. Returned to near normal recovery, but the ruins of the tsunami, the sea is still floating in the sea so far. Continue reading

Last flight of ATLANTIS end of space shuttle legend

NASA set to release “ATLANTIS” of 8 July. Ended 30 years of age by only four space shuttle astronauts to perform their duties. A limited number of people for emergency crews to be sent back by the ships of the Russian Soyuz space smaller. NASA set launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis on July 8, 2011 at 11:00 am at rocket base 39A of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, United States, and the crew jumped to sky forward to International Space Station. This is a final NASA space shuttle. For the crew to travel on the flight last week. The flight commander Chris Ferguson. Doug Hurley and expert on the pilot’s flight Sandra Magnus, and Rex Walheim.
Flight of Atlantis and will be Flight 135 in the space shuttle program of NASA that started 30 years ago with the mission for 12 days on the Space Shuttle to carry spare parts for the space station up. with The lab space, still continue to function even after the end of the space shuttle.
Continue reading

Small 4.5 billion years diamond tell world evolution

Nationalgeographic / sciencetific american / life science – find a small piece of diamond. Zircon crystals in the valley of Australia with age 4.25 billion years old is close to the world age. May lead to understand the process of a new diamond and the evolution of the world. Continue reading

Effects of earthquakes in Japan to the world.

A major earthquake that occurred on Earth, it would be followed by changes in the world. magnitude 9.0 earthquake in Japan on March 11, it has resulted in many changes in the world, we like Shorter days of the world. Change the axis of rotation of the Earth. The change is very small and we do not feel But a significant change in the current science event social. Continue reading

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