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Charge 15 minute but can be use for a week new technology of mobile batteries.

U.S. researchers have developed a battery pre-charged to 10 times faster than conventional battery materials in Li-on battery charger that takes only 15 minutes, but the battery as long as a week treatment. Expected in the market within 5 years.
Batteries that long life, even a 15 minute charge is the work of scientists from Northwestern University, U.S..  BBC News reports that they have modify materials inside the battery battery li-on to optimize such a transformation is to compress a millions small hole of Battery.  The scientists expect the battery to use this innovative series will be available in stores within 5 years.

Batteries of mobile phones used by researchers from North Western, this will take only 15 minutes to compress the charge or charges and the charge for a week to take the time to recharge. The key is the density of such processes and the movement of lithium ions. Dr.Harold Kung and his research team from the University of North West Melbourne. Said they had found a way to compress and accelerate charged particles to move more quickly by selecting the materials used in the manufacture of battery series. The charges have been increased by the use of silicon as well as a small group instead of a plate to increase the number of lithium-ion battery battery will be stored. Continue reading

Development Canada, “Paper Phone” Phone can bending twist

 Must be said that the development of mobile technologies continues to leap forward and move forward as perhaps the consumer does not stop behind. That now we have to use both the touch screen, voice commands. And in the future to step thin and flexible like a piece of paper ever.
Researchers from Queen’s University in Ontario Canada reveals the underlying technology, called “Paper phone” or call the paper. Smart phones that use the flexible display. Torque curve cans be modified by hand to control the bend instead of touch today. Paper Phone prototype to come out of this show. Includes 3.7-inch display size with sensors able to detect the bending of the two to use as the user interface.

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