What is in mummy 4000 year’s old

Foreign news agencies reported. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, in Richmond County England. Cooperation with
Medical imaging Center, The Mummy ‘Tjeby ‘ age 4,000 years into the Computed Tomography or CT scans to reveal the story of the cloth wrapped the mummies of Egypt. The mummies were taken from the X-ray on 1 Feb 13,
This is not the first scan mummy by CT machine. The Scan is on the year 1977 , the mummy Tjeby ever scan on 1986 , but in 1986 that modern technology is quite old, so do not see much. Continue reading

Deadly E.Coli bacteria killed seven Japanese.

Japanese authorities announced on 19 August that the 7 patients who died on the island of Hokkaido in the north .
Hawk of the pickled vegetables contaminated with E.Coli bacteria to the death of people involved. with the country’s worst food poisoning in the past 10 years.
6 victims dead, a victim of the elderly in care of the elderly and the first burial was 4 years old girl and a total 103 of patients, the product is beet pickles from Chinese manufacturer on passd July. Japanese authorities are investigating the catalyst for further evidence.

E. coli bacteria called scientific Eschericia coli is gram negative bacteria (GNB) are important in gastrointestinal disease in the family  Enterobacteriaceae. That caused the disease in the digestive system, including Eschericia, Klebsiella, Proteus, Enterobacter, Serratia, Citrobacter, Morganella, Prowidensia, Edwardsiella. Indeed, E. coli bacteria can cause disease in other organs of the body, but are predominantly in the gastrointestinal tract.

Hunt Higg Boson: Interview with David Wiseman of CERN by Phd Comic.


Since I read about that Higg Boson PhdComic to be most easily understood.
 So I came down on the tape.

 For those who want to listen to the original invitation to http://www.phdcomics.com/higgs.

 The LHC is to discover and explore new things. We are looking for something fresh and different.  Although it was just crazy.

To create mass we just want to up quarks, electrons and down quarks.
From up quarks and down quarks, we can create protons, neutrons from electrons, neutrons and protons we will build the atoms of just about anything.  Thus, we need to everyday life.

However, we found that 12 of the particles. Why do we have with them? I do not know. How much of it 100? Million? or That only 12 characters? I don’t know.

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Found oldest human red blood in Ice Man “Oetzi”

The researchers studied the body of “oetzi” the ice man by 5300 years old, his body was found frozen in the Alps of Italy since 1991 and scientists around the red blood cells. His wounds, which the red blood cells will decay quickly. The scan for blood in his body earlier, it could not find anything. But recent research study published in “the journal of the Journal of the Royal Society Interface” suggests that Oetzi’s body was remarkably well preserved. Even shed blood in a short period before his death, and BBC News has revealed that the discovery of the oldest red blood cells are preserved, and it’s a murder mystery.
Since oetzi was discovered by climbers that were embroidered on the back with an arrow. Experts have determined that he died from his wounds, and also that of his last meal . Last Feb  when professor Albert Zink and colleagues from the Institute for Mummies and the Iceman in the Italian data published genome of oetzi. And previous studies, this group published in the medical journal Lancet have revealed that the wounds on the hands of the oetzi is hemoglobin. The albumin in the blood in the wound, but it is believed that the nature of fragile red blood cells will allow us to preserve red blood cells was difficult to keep. Continue reading

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