Found oldest human red blood in Ice Man “Oetzi”

The researchers studied the body of “oetzi” the ice man by 5300 years old, his body was found frozen in the Alps of Italy since 1991 and scientists around the red blood cells. His wounds, which the red blood cells will decay quickly. The scan for blood in his body earlier, it could not find anything. But recent research study published in “the journal of the Journal of the Royal Society Interface” suggests that Oetzi’s body was remarkably well preserved. Even shed blood in a short period before his death, and BBC News has revealed that the discovery of the oldest red blood cells are preserved, and it’s a murder mystery.
Since oetzi was discovered by climbers that were embroidered on the back with an arrow. Experts have determined that he died from his wounds, and also that of his last meal . Last FebĀ  when professor Albert Zink and colleagues from the Institute for Mummies and the Iceman in the Italian data published genome of oetzi. And previous studies, this group published in the medical journal Lancet have revealed that the wounds on the hands of the oetzi is hemoglobin. The albumin in the blood in the wound, but it is believed that the nature of fragile red blood cells will allow us to preserve red blood cells was difficult to keep.
professor Zink and his team collaborated with researchers from the Center for Smart Interfaces University of Darmstadt, Germany, the application of atomic force microscopy study of tissue are cut from the wound of the arrow embroidery, which techniques were used needle a small point. the tissue samples, with only a few atoms, then drag the needle across the surface of the sample. And movement of the needle can be tracked and interpretation into three-dimensional diagram with very high resolution.
The researchers found that samples tissue from oetzi there is some structure that is shaped like a donut with red blood cells. To ensure that the structure of the cells were maintained for a long time and is not contaminated in any way they used the laser of the Raman spectroscopy. The results confirm that found hemoglobin and fibrin, a protein that causes blood clotting.
From Result professor Zink explained the mystery of the murder of oetzi. Because the protein fibrin in the wound, it will decay to live. So the theory that ancient man who died several days after the injury is likely to be controversial and will not be supported anymore. The researchers also said their study methods may be used to improve education in forensic science today. In particular, we estimate the age of the blood sample can be difficult.

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