Found wind above the Arctic was that change the warm ocean currents

The researchers found that the high winds in the atmosphere above the Arctic Circle to affect the flow of warm ocean currents if the temperature was little changes . This is the first study to demonstrate a link between the atmosphere and ocean. It is known that the process in the stratosphere level did height 10 kilometers above the earth’s surface affect the troposphere the atmosphere above the area of climate change and the atmosphere in which we live and the weather could affect ocean currents. However, the report of our amazing planet that technical report researchers from the University of Utah, the United States published the journal Nature Geo Science, was one of the first study that demonstrates the impact strongly the stratosphere  atmosphere and under the ocean.

Thomas Reichler primary researcher and author of the report from Utah said. He and his team have demonstrated a clear link between the stratosphere leveltroposphere  and the ocean. Based on observations and climate modeling supercomputer weather conditions for a period of 4,000 years to show that high winds from the Arctic, the impact velocity for water heater in the Atlantic Ocean (Gulf Stream).

Warm currents that bring warm surface water up from lower latitudes to the cold North Atlantic and sank before flowing back to the south. The “conveyor belt” of currents affect ocean circulation and climate of the entire world. The conveyor belt is a current, the current weakness in the North Atlantic south of Greenland, which is sinking into the water.
Reichler said in the area of the belt is sensitive to cold and heat from troposphere. When water heavy enough to sink a little of heat or cool water  to fill in from the atmosphere, they can speed up or slow down the process. Changes in the wind high above the Arctic Circle called “polar vortex”, which has a profound impact on such a small area.  And because it was so sensitive to changes he called the ocean’s southern Greenland “the Achilles heel of the North Atlantic” * Greek god of the weaknesses in the heel.

Altitude winds swirl clockwise around the North Pole with a speed of 130 kilometers per hour, but only about a two-year cycle, the system is sensitive to temperature to heat up quickly. And sometimes changing direction to rotate clockwise. This event will be for up to 60 days, during which time the wind direction is influenced by the atmosphere into the ocean. Whether in the form of acceleration or deceleration of the water heater.

This study is a signal to the scientists who study climate by demonstrating some of the changes that the smeared unexpected and how impact in the area. Reichler, said that if human caused changes to stratosphere,  impact on the chain as it is forwarded to the flow of ocean currents.

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