Hunt Higg Boson: Interview with David Wiseman of CERN by Phd Comic.


Since I read about that Higg Boson PhdComic to be most easily understood.
 So I came down on the tape.

 For those who want to listen to the original invitation to

 The LHC is to discover and explore new things. We are looking for something fresh and different.  Although it was just crazy.

To create mass we just want to up quarks, electrons and down quarks.
From up quarks and down quarks, we can create protons, neutrons from electrons, neutrons and protons we will build the atoms of just about anything.  Thus, we need to everyday life.

However, we found that 12 of the particles. Why do we have with them? I do not know. How much of it 100? Million? or That only 12 characters? I don’t know.

We’re seeing the tip of the iceberg or not? Or is this real? It is possible both ways.

We try to look for patterns.
 It is like the periodic table. We have all the elements were classified according to features, we can see that this group together. Group, there was a different one.

 Why, because we know that it is the result of the infrastructure. Now we know the orbits of electrons around the nucleus.

So we did the same fundamental particles. We took it to the table is sorted according to their properties.
 Then we come across something interesting form of it is. It requires a basic structure, something we still do not understand.

 We have six quarks, the up-down chart new strain a computer bot tom.
 The lab now has muons, electrons in a town then you have it, interactions between them.
The match between the quarks up – down the charts  strain Top – bot tom.
 It is the same. What you have is a pair (between the groups of Electron – electron neutrino).
Is it more ?
I don’t know again.
Why this table look like it ?
I don’t know again.
We are trying to find clues that the particle else that might exist.

Collider, we have the wonders of the collider. We can create a particle that does not exist.

 The two types of particles. It was destroyed each other. Output is not our input.  But it is the magic of quantum pure energy that we can come back.  We can create any particles the amount of energy.

 And this is why we have so much power as possible. And every time we have a new level of energy.
We were able to explore new areas. Like to live on a planet that no one had seen it with Treashold, which is the energy level up. It also emerged.

The one thing we can speculate that it is the Higg boson. Higg boson particles with mass to other particles.

 What is mass?
 When we say massive, we will refer to it in size Right? Okay It’s not about size, Electron have mass, But no volume. Mass is a property of a particle with electric charge, Some particles are charged, Some are not.
 It is a new type of ion mass. It is a charge of gravity. When the two ions it will attract each other. The interesting thing is we do not have negative mass, That the force of gravity is different from other types.

Well, this started Higg.
 Imagine a force field that covers the entire universe. All particles feel the force field. But the difference. Some particles slow down. When in this field.  Some particles are not even feel it. Particles hardly feel it. We are told that it has less mass. The very slow. Because this field. We will call it a mass. So we can change the question of why particles have different masses. The question is: Why do particles in response to a force field HIGG different.  HIGG particles are produced from this field. And it confirms that this field exists.

There are many interactions that allows us to have a particle HIGG.
 One example is.
 The two gluons together to HIGG, which decay to two bot tom quarks.
 The problem is that there are several ways that we have bot tom quark out. And at York. It is less than the other two quarks bot tom a million times. And we can not get to see the interaction. We see the results, but only after the dissolution.
 Then we want to know really is. The particles are HIGG true?

When a collision occurs. It will occupy about 10 ^ -23 seconds.
 Then we will have all the energy we measure it and then see if it’s a collision occurs, how many times the energy at this level. We will have a few plot points here. Then we will set up information.

Then we have two theories to predict the collision. First have no higg boson. Second have higg boson.
 The problem is the difference between the two is that “less is more” is so difficult to find the difference found in our data.
If the difference is huge, It would be easy to find, But this is rare. So we want to enormous amounts of data, That is why we will hit 40 million times per second, day and night in the year to distinguish a little bit of theory.

It is like sky photography. If only a single shot we will not see anything. But if leave it open for the camera for long time. We will see some more.

It can happen HIGG with other ways.
We work with thousands of colleagues. Watched every way possible.

It is also possible to find something new if you look long enough you will see pink elephants have emerged.
Every time you open the email or the new series. It is possible that we will find something.
It might be something in the data.
It was very exciting.

Credit :  www.PANTIP.COM

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