Iceland Volcano Grimsvotn, danger menace European

     Grimsvotn a volcano one of most power volcano of Iceland. Current science event is latest explosion took place on Saturday. Marks the first time since the explosion of 2004 was hot steaming and ash up into the sky far-off nearly 20 KM (12 miles). Severe impact on people living near the volcanoes. The ash from the volcano has blocked the sun and the diffusion of smoke covering homes and cars.
     Many flights have been canceled on Sunday of all major international airports of the country.  This eruption of the volcano Grimsvotn most severe since the 1873 explosion of violence over the Mt. Eyjafjallajokull last year. Explosive ash emissions, but the pipeline is to air at different altitudes. Scientists said the bomb was released from the ash is very simple and diffuser to last longer than a year ago.

This image, taken by Photographer Johann Ingi Jonsson, located 1 KM away from the volcano to take on the evening May 22, 2011.

 Smoke from the explosion of the volcano rising high into the first time around. 19.00 pm (by Mark Standard Greenwich Time GMT = Greenwich Mean Time) after less than an hour to rise up. 11 km from the report of the Icelandic meteorological institute.
    Sun is being volcanic ash that obscured explosive.  It was taken from a climber ?lfur Bj?rnsson on May 22, 2011 while he was climbing the highest peaks of the Icelandic name. Hvannadalshj?kur.

Smoke from the volcanic ash Grimsvotn.  As satellite images of the MODIS satellite on 23 May 2011 NASA Organization.

Volcano Grimsvotn. Type volcanic sub-glacial lakes located in the southeast in iceland. Situated on a high area of ??the island at an altitude of 1,725 ??m (5,659 ft).  Under the glaciers will be lake or crater large rock melting temperature afforded high volcano is called a magma chamber when magma heats up with more pressure they will jump through up to the surface of the Earth as the volcano under Glaciers Grimsvotn bomb right now.

         V ent under a stream or lake Khe branded locations that have hot volcanic rocks beneath the looks in the picture, known as magma chamber. Describe a simple thermal lake of hot rock (Magma) are melted at the outbreak through a glacier that covered the top.

In geological, Iceland is a new land. Iceland is located on the Iceland hot spot and mid Atlantic ridge. The vertical separation between the shell plate North American plate and the Eurasian continental plate. Iceland has hundreds of volcanoes. Many continue to smolder in a volcanic explosion Gr?msv?tn which is now .
     The same factors that cause volcanoes, Iceland is the supply of geothermal energy high. Iceland has many hot spring and has a hydroelectric power.

Picture a landscape of Iceland in the north (the picture before volcanic explosion).


     Iceland also possesses surtsey island which suddenly appeared over the sea after the explosion of underwater volcanoes in the year 2506 that the island is the largest size of 2.7 square kilometers. Before been eroded by wind and waves the size decrease in November. Since 2550 the surface area of ??the island remaining 1.4 square KM.
       This island has its name from the god Surtur in mythology and Scandinavian network (Norse) Surtr means Island of the server Court and with the lava from the explosion the volcano itself the scenery on the island of beautiful exotic significantly. At the same time, it is dangerous for people to come today because the island has won the ashes fly trap.

+ + + Server Islands North Sayre surtsey island which suddenly appeared over the sea after the explosion of underwater volcanoes in the year 2506.

    Iceland has a population of about three hundred thousand people. Area 103,000 square kilometers in total.
Iceland has a population of 313,376 people (estimated January 1, 2551), the largest city is Reykjavik. It has a population of approximately 1.2 hundred thousand people about 6 percent of the population in Iceland is a foreign citizen. The citizens of the Nordic (from northern Europe, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, and the territory autonomy under the country these three sites, including Greenland (Denmark) Faroe Islands (Denmark) Islands ?land. (Finland).

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