Japan wasted contamination water and Biomagnification process.

      In the news about nuclear crisis at Japan I heard about “Japan wasted contamination water into the sea and Biomagnification process”, Biomagnification is current science event today explained it is a simple process of accumulation of toxins will increase pound order. Step in the food chain to see a simple comparison. If the 10 students filed into the row. Each student has 1 disease, send candy to first student and with it in the mount for 10 second and send to next student until last student. Can you see that the last person will likely be most infectious.

      Sample contamination in everyday life, I would like to cite examples of image DDT compounds can see that First, when the water contamination and Later would be retained in the Plankton, which is first manufacturer. And forwards to the present tilde before the small fish, large fish and birds in the end it is people. Because human is the last customer in food chain degree of contamination is higher ever increase in each step of the hierarchical food chain.

    However about radiator contamination somebody said “Cesium 197, released into the atmosphere by atomic bomb tests, was part of the fallout deposited onto the soil and plants. (a) The cesium fell on lichens, which were eaten by the caribou. The caribou were in turn eaten by Eskimo. (b) Measurements of cesium were taken in the lichens, caribou, and Eskimo in the Anaktuvuk Pass of Alaska. (c) The cesium was concentrated by the food chain. Peaks in concentrations occured first in the lichens, then in the caribou, and last in the Eskimo.”


     I think that the water around line is contaminated, so for their Primary Producer should be retained and sometime the plants, algae, plankton around there should have been gone.
     Marine life is quite sensitive to environmental changes. Sea rancher Should know this very well. Particular seaweed is the capture of absorbed toxins are well more normal these used the therapy in filtered aquaria and then dropped because it is accumulation of waste such as if this case would be equal to it traps toxins ever on the increase. When fish eat it , they get fried again. It is possible that the same will lose its life cycle.
      Perhaps we might be able to see Godzilla Walking up from the sea due to the change of animal genetic severe exposure to radiation. Then affect the evolution that we’ve never seen before, a classic movie plot , but this time really has potential.

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