Philippines Fish deaths puzzle, not the volcano alert.

 Official Philippine lean over eight hundred tons of fish died in a farm near Mt TA-AL is not alert to the volcano eruption. 
30 May 11 over eight hundred tons of fish that the owner of the Filipino culture farm close to Lake of the TA-AL volcano south of Manila, Philippines.   Have died down a lot. The official of the Philippines is believed to have caused the water temperature dropped suddenly. But not caused by the explosion of the volcano TA-AL.
From the initial examination. Officials estimated that the fish would die from climate change Then suddenly last week because the weather here to broil Then the rain. The oxygen level in the lake decreased. And events in this manner. Had occurred. When the summer last year. But the dead fish did not have a lot to go on. 
This current science event has happened to humans and cause deaths, many of Nyos Lake in Cameroon in 1986. That has more than 1700 people died. Lake Nyos is a large lake of approximately 206 square kilometers of territory. The water levels where the deepest depths of up to 208 meters from the lake is deeper than most general. This depth of water is dark blue almost black To be clear, but look nice to see almost anything. The night of August 21 people were killed almost 1,700 people with over 3,000 cattle a few people to sleep over 36 hours of waking up to find that family died out it was a suicide.


Medical team noted that almost all survivors had exhausted stupor. Some have burned on the body, some people with respiratory problems, but overall, not severe, but they can not provide anything helpful in the diagnosis of the disease at all. No eating anything unusual from the normal ever ate. Funeral to be no diagnosis of bleeding, whether external or internal. No evidence has been assaulted or hurt any. No disease Chemical or radioactive weapons, poison gas, nothing. Manner that will indicate that painful suffering before death is not the same as that of consciousness and then die so passive. Children who fall asleep, then there seems to be dying despite the sleeping without struggling.
Initial examination of the experts did not find anything that can be used to explain the story happens very satisfactory.
     U.S. anxious and send a volcano expert to find root cause. Experts explore the lake in a row for several months with no signs saying that it was volcanic. The temperature of the water in the lake does not rise abnormally no trace of sulfur minerals. Lake surfaces looks smooth. Experts bring the water from the bottom of the lake to check and found that the water is filled with carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide or CO2 is a colorless, odorless gas, and any non-toxic to humans. Our bodies express carbon dioxide springtime. Every time, we breathe out the gas will come out with this. Regular gas in the air for about 0.05% of this gas is heavier than air when it is released in large amounts it down low. Oxygen gas rise high The result is that all living things in that area is no air to breathe until the wind blew. Carbon dioxide away.
   Air with carbon dioxide gas mixture is about 5% to make candles and stop engines. Increase again to 10% will be able to make life and mortality. But it may take  the little longer in the coma. But high up to 30% by living organisms, it will die within a few seconds.
      Experts concluded that Nyos lake filled with Magma, or molten rock beneath the earth. The carbon dioxide evaporates from Magma, these gradually absorbed by the ground mixed with the lake bottom. This is common with all the lakes, more or less carbon dioxide. But it is a bubble can float up to the surface and then evaporating mixed with air without harm to anyone but the lake nyos. It does not float up. Over time, several centuries of deep-water lake in the number of doped carbons intensive. If anything is going to make it up above the water surface is unexpectedly large, it will explode and release large amounts of carbon dioxide into the air during a short time become a natural disaster. Could seize the entire city within seconds. 
     From a bomb blast in the lake water level dropped to one meter. Scientists predicted that the emissions of carbon dioxide outburst came in just 20 seconds when evening of August 21, with up to 1.2 cubic kilometer.
      To learn why scientists are still required to sit and think that the explosion was not the last eruption. Since carbon dioxide absorption is still present with the ongoing groundwater and lakes which are not moving away like a legend.
Village is like living on a time bomb.The best way would be without Cameroon bankruptcy. Countries that want to help out all the required financial support to first. The pipeline is down to the bottom of the lake. Then pumping the gas concentration in the surface water drainage, gas away.  They believe that if the pipes can be embedded into this lake has a policy would make carbon dioxide evaporate away enough not to cause an explosion up again in the future.
Today, Spring Lake nyos a pipe in a drainage pipe gas to slow the explosion.

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