The mysteries of ancient lake under the Antarctic ice sheet.

The world still has many secrets waiting to be discovered within. As well as being kept secret hidden in the lake Vostok. Ancient lakes are ice covered nearly four kilometers of the South Pole. Scientists believe that as air, water and creatures in the ancient world, 14 million years ago the lake and take water samples and for the research. The man known to the ancient world was much more.

In the near future, we may be answered by scientists from Russia and other countries. Participating in the 3768 meters of drilling in ice and extreme cold at the heart of the South Pole. Since the 1970s, when there was ice drilling and emergency reporting in the South. Prior to the discovery of a hidden lake water for more than 14 million years under the ice in 1996, recently. Has announced the successful drilling down to the target.
Surface of a Vostok lake. It has an exciting announcement that scientists have little success is not possible to contact with the excavation for a period of several days. Naturally warning not to reveal the secrets to the human.

 However, scientists are so excited when I come back drilling amid cold weather and provide an answer that was exciting. “We drilled to target”.   Scientists believe that. Lake surface and lake water is oxygen and nitrogen concentration. May have life and live in the ancient mysteries of this.   The answer to the lake will be worth the investment. Dedicated budget and more than 30 years (due to the South Pole in summer only) in the drilling of nearly 4 kilometers of ice thickness or not. Soon we will know each other.

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