What is in mummy 4000 year’s old

Foreign news agencies reported. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, in Richmond County England. Cooperation with
Medical imaging Center, The Mummy ‘Tjeby ‘ age 4,000 years into the Computed Tomography or CT scans to reveal the story of the cloth wrapped the mummies of Egypt. The mummies were taken from the X-ray on 1 Feb 13,
This is not the first scan mummy by CT machine. The Scan is on the year 1977 , the mummy Tjeby ever scan on 1986 , but in 1986 that modern technology is quite old, so do not see much.

Tjeby information about mummies, researchers now know like buried in a pyramid  in the north of Egypt, and was excavated in 1923. The official data of the museum mummies Tjeby live between 2150-2030 BC. In an era of economic decline and power in Egypt era. While previous research indicates that he died at the age between 25-40 years, experts hope to learn from technology closely to know the history of the mummies, The actual age, Food ingested and cause of death. The materials used to make mummies and tissue death and to determine whether or not the internal organs were removed.
The researchers said that a modern technology allows them to study the details operate without any proof or mummies. With caution, since the process of moving it into a CT scan, which was only a few seconds. Thousands of X-ray photos were displayed on a computer screen. This suggests the bones were moved into the center of the chest. The main components of the body was wrapped seperate with the arms, legs and other parts of the body. Museum officials said the investigation will be provided with a 3D depth to the details. It takes time. I have not set any of the following steps and said they were thrilled by the sight.

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